Gotham Review: A Solid Return in “How The Riddler Got His Name”

by Jeff Fountainon April 25, 2017
The Riddler, The Court of Owls, Bruce’s doppelganger…this episode did indeed touch on a lot of important points in the crazy world of Gotham. However, in the end, the episode was all about Cory Michael Smith and his amazing work as Edward Nigma and his birth into The Riddler. Gotham has been building to this […]

Into the Badlands Review: Things Begin To Move Full Circle in “Leopard Stalks Through Snow”

by Jeff Fountainon April 23, 2017
It was nice to finally have an episode that touched on all the storylines, moving them along and watching as they slowly began to move towards to each other, at times even overlapping. Even though it’s pretty obvious that some of these characters were going to meet again, either as friends or enemies, it has […]


Into the Badlands Review: All Paths Lead to Quinn in “Monkey Leaps Through Mist”

by Jeff Fountainon April 17, 2017
After having last week off, it was good to see Sunny back in action in an episode that had some very dark moments. While it showed just how brutal life can be outside of the Badlands (life inside is not exactly a ray of sunshine, either) it gave Sunny a chance to drag himself out […]

Into the Badlands Review: Family and Chaos in “Palm of the Iron Fox”

by Jeff Fountainon April 10, 2017
With so much focus on Sunny and Bajie to start the season, it was nice to see the show put them aside, if only for an episode, and concentrate on some developing storylines that really needed our attention. Specifically, checking in on The Widow and Waldo to see what they have up their collective sleeves […]


Into the Badlands Review: Fights, Friends and Fun Continue in “Red Sun, Silver Moon”

by Jeff Fountainon April 3, 2017
As the landscape for season two begins to unfold, it is clear that wars are brewing on many fronts. The decision to have characters leave the Badlands, while risky, is turning out to be a great move, allowing more character development amid numerous storylines. In “Red Sun, Silver Moon” there are characters looking for change […]

The Walking Dead Review: Finally, War is here in “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”

by Jeff Fountainon April 3, 2017
After a messy first eight episodes, followed by eight more building to the war with the Saviors, season seven felt like it really lost its way. Sure, the first episode was explosive (sorry) and last night’s finale was good fun, but they were like book ends on a season that had too many episodes that […]


Arrow Review: Bad Habits Return in the Uneven but Entertaining Episode “Disbanded”

by Jeff Fountainon March 30, 2017
After last week’s excellent episode I was very curious how Arrow would come back this week. I didn’t expect the same kind of high-quality episode but still hoped they would continue on the same path. The good news is, they did indeed follow the path they have laid out, forcing Oliver to take a long and […]
The Flash -- "Abra Kadabra" -- FLA318b_0351b.jpg -- Pictured: David Dastmalchian as Abra Kadabra -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Flash Review: “Abra Kadabra” Is Far from Magical in This Mediocre Episode

by Jeff Fountainon March 29, 2017
After last week’s song and dance episode, I was looking forward to The Flash sinking their collective teeth back into Savitar story line The sad thing was they did, to an extent, but the whole episode came off as bland and dull, with only a few moments that had me actually paying attention. I’m not […]


Into the Badlands Review: Characters Continue to Improve in “Force of Eagle’s Claw”

by Jeff Fountainon March 27, 2017
While there are a lot of things going on in this episode, the main focus is the new bromance going on between Bajie and Sunny. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, more like comrades in arms. No, that’s not right either. Let’s just say these two have some issues to work out while trying […]
01. spoilers preview Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene, Xander Berkeley as Gregory - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 15

The Walking Dead Review: Guns, Talking…and More Talking in “Something They Need”

by Jeff Fountainon March 26, 2017
After last week’s episode I was really curious what The Walking Dead was going to do this week, not only because I found the last episode weak, but this was the lead in to the season finale. This season has been slow and disappointing and to be honest I was expecting an explosive last couple […]