Movie Review: “The Heretics” is a Celebration of Different Shades of Dread

by Jeff Fountainon March 24, 2017
At first glance, you might want to dismiss the whole idea behind ‘The Heretics’ as simply something you’ve seen too many times before. You know, a cult kidnaps a woman to sacrifice her to their god, bad things ensue. However, this movie is much more than that. It is creepy, disgusting with some great scares […]

Arrow Review: Self-Discovery and Action Rule the Day in “Kapiushon”

by Jeff Fountainon March 23, 2017
In a season that has had more ups than downs, “Kapiushon” comes along and show us just how good Arrow can be if it really wants to. Great performances by Stephen Amell and Josh Segarra gave us some of the best acting we’ve seen in quite a while and the flashbacks were actually good, full […]

The Flash -- "Duet" -- FLA317b_1298b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Melissa Benoist as Kara and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Flash Review: Great Singing but Dumb Rules the Day in “Duets”

by Jeff Fountainon March 22, 2017
I have to admit, everyone involved in this singing episode seemed to be having a great time. Indeed, it was wonderful to see so many of these actors actually able to sing (Except Gustin, who struggled but smiled his way through it) However, all fun aside, in the end the episode was pretty weak, with […]
Daniel Wu as Sunny, Nick Frost as Bajie - Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Into the Badlands Review: Season Two Kicks off in Style With “Tiger Pushes Mountain”

by Jeff Fountainon March 20, 2017
At the end of season one, the Badlands were in a state of upheaval and change. Sunny and M.K. had both been captured and taken away, Quinn had been, what looked like anyway, fatally stabbed by Sunny and the Widow, with the help of Quinn’s son Ryder, made her move to take over once and […]

Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead Review: Agonizing Crawl to the Finish Line in “The Other Side”

by Jeff Fountainon March 19, 2017
After the first eight episodes of the season, which for the most part was a mess, I was really hoping that the writers had something special in store for us when the show came back from its winter break. I didn’t need one of ‘those’ episodes either, where they try and shock us with a […]

Arrow Review: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light in “Checkmate”

by Jeff Fountainon March 16, 2017
After a long season of ups and downs, Arrow finally gives us a different look for the show that really pays off. However, there were still numerous moments where they really tried to shoot themselves in the foot in spite of some interesting twists and turns but they managed to bring it all together for […]


The Flash Review: Familiar Faces and Strange Decisions in “Into the Speed Force”

by Jeff Fountainon March 15, 2017
After Wally got himself pulled into the Speed Force last week, I knew it wasn’t going to take long for Barry to go looking for him. However, his save-Wally-at-any-cost attitude is disappointing at this stage of the game, or the series if you will, when he should know full well it won’t be that easy. […]

The Walking Dead Review: Morgan Pushed to the Brink in “Bury My Here”

by Jeff Fountainon March 13, 2017
While I can appreciate an episode where Morgan is front and center, and make no mistake he does a great job this week, the episode itself had far too many head scratching moments to be able to call it a success. I understand the writers have to get all the pieces in place to prepare […]


Movie Review Kong: Skull Island is Monster Mayhem Done Right

by Jeff Fountainon March 13, 2017
Being a huge monster movie fan, I remember very clearly how excited I was in 2014 when the newest Godzilla movie came out. I also remember how disappointed I was with movie as well, with the cardboard cutout human characters I didn’t care about and incredibly, the lack of monsters including Godzilla himself. The people […]

The Flash Review: The Endgame Begins in “The Wrath of Savitar”

by Jeff Fountainon March 11, 2017
Spending time with Grodd and the super gorillas over the last two weeks was loads of fun and well done, with great action, storytelling and acting. However, after all the back slapping for a job well done subsided it occurred to me that it was almost that time in the season for things to take […]