Fear the Walking Dead Review: A Long Look in the Mirror in “People Like Us”

by Jeff Fountainon August 13, 2018
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD*   Killing off two main characters in the first half of a season is a big statement, hopefully centering on the strength of the show and not for shock value. As we start the second half of season four, “People Like Us” is a reminder of just how good Fear the Walking […]

Preacher Review: A Strange But Fun Time in “Hitler”

by Jeff Fountainon August 6, 2018
Preacher has always been about going places no other show would dare. When it’s at its best, this show is entertaining, shocking and a whole lot of fun. However with “Hitler”, the showrunners seem to be holding onto the reins so to speak, going to the edge but not quite over, which also hurt some […]


Preacher Review: Fun for Everyone in “Les Enfants du Sang”

by Jeff Fountainon July 30, 2018
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* It seems the goal of this week’s episode was to let each character have at least one great line and to that end, mission accomplished. What was even better though was the free-flowing comedy at every turn, something that’s been missing as of late, while at the same time the viewers got […]

Preacher Review: Things Heat Up, Literally, in ‘The Tombs’

by Jeff Fountainon July 16, 2018
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* More Tulip, some fight club action in the tombs and the return of our favorite gunslinger from hell made for an interesting episode this week. However, the quest to find God seems to have fallen by the wayside while Jesse sorts out his family problems and Tulip and Cassidy fight to survive. […]


Preacher Review: Tulip To The Rescue in ‘Gonna Hurt’

by Jeff Fountainon July 10, 2018
After two exciting, interesting and extremely fun episodes to open season three, Gonna Hurt was a bit of a step backward in story and energy, except for Tulip who singlehandedly saved the episode from being simply average. There were some interesting bits to be sure but too many recycled plot arcs made it feel like […]

Preacher Review: It’s All About Family in Angelville

by Jeff Fountainon June 25, 2018
It’s funny that out of all the people and obstacles Jesse has faced over the first two seasons of Preacher, his biggest challenge would be facing his family. A return to Angelville, to things he has been running from his whole life, should be very interesting for Jesse and if this season’s first episode is […]


Review: Fear the Walking Dead Heads into Unknown Territory in “No One’s Gone”

by Jeff Fountainon June 12, 2018
*SPOILERS AHEAD*   Fear the Walking Dead made a bold decision this year in terms of changing up the way it tells a story. By using a narrative that gives us information out of order, the viewer sees things unfold in a different way. For the most part, I believe this has made a positive […]

Into the Badlands Review: Action and More Action in “Dragonfly’s Last Dance”

by Jeff Fountainon June 11, 2018
Season three has given fans a new and wonderful part of the mythology, that being the religious aspect surrounding Pilgrim and Cressida. However, even though there has been great plot twists and character development, it is good to remind people once and a while just how good the action is on this show. This week […]


Fear the Walking Dead Review: “The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now”

by Jeff Fountainon June 6, 2018
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* The beginning of this season saw new characters introduced and a new storytelling format, that being jumping back and forth in regards to the timeline. While the new characters are still pretty interesting and add something to the show, the time jumps are now taking a toll on the overall vibe of […]

Into the Badlands Review: Wonderful World Building in ‘Carry Tiger to Mountain’

by Jeff Fountainon May 21, 2018
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* This season is already much better than season two, mostly due to the introduction of some great characters, religious overtones, and some serious world building. Into the Badlands survived through some shaky moments in the first two scenes by relying on the incredible action and fight sequences. This season there is time […]