Dice on the Rocks – Gaming Dice Kickstarter Enters its Final Day

Dice on the Rocks – Gaming Dice Kickstarter Enters its Final Day

April 8, 2021 0 By Gary

If you’re a superstitious D&D player, selecting your dice for a game may be your most important decision.
Which dice will be hot and where will you stash the ones that are failing you?

Well, Legendary Pants, a tabletop gaming development company from suburban Philadelphia has you covered. Sort of. They can’t make your dice roll high, but they can make your dice look cool.

The company’s #Winedice Kickstarter campaign enters its final day, today. So if you’re interested in dice, you might consider checking it out.

#Winedice is inspired by top-shelf “beverages” and features many favourites including bourbon, champagne, even shirley temple for the kids. There are about a dozen or so varieties available and every pledge level has been unlocked so if you’d like to drink and dice, there’s no better time than the present.

Just don’t drink the dice.

Legendary Pants makes no warranty on the safety of their dice, if swallowed.

Really, the only problem with #WineDice is narrowing it down to just a few options.

These Ice Blue dice are called p20s because of the LP logo on the 20 face. 2 of these come at every reward-based pledge level. You can buy more though, if you need them, for $2 per set.

Some of the highlights for me include this set, inspired by the golden-brown hue of fine American bourbon. Light dances inside these math rocks, playfully daring you to roll them.

Not that we need to be dared.

We roll ’em and we don’t need a reason. We haven’t tried chilling them and rolling “on the rocks” but we haven’t not thought about chilling them and rolling them “on the rocks” either.

The absinthe colouration is a striking radioactive green. It would be equally at home in a Hulk Smash collection as in the #Winedice set. It looks solid all the way through but it’s such a memorable colour you’ll absolutely get jealous looks from those at your table who didn’t back them.

Some limited features are still available, including connoisseur (5 sets of your choice plus a random set at a discount, the p20s) and the whole cellar (12 sets of dice of your choice, 2 random sets, the p20s, and free shipping worldwide.)

Basically, if you have trouble deciding, you can buy the whole shelf. But only for a limited time.

If you need some dice that are top-shelf, look no further than the #WineDice collection. You can find their Kickstarter campaign here.