Destiny Community: Guardians Give Back

Destiny Community: Guardians Give Back

November 17, 2015 0 By EVA

I’ve said this numerous times, but the biggest reason why I’ve spent so much time playing Destiny is because of the community. Not only is it a place to meet some really great people, but also a place where the community gives back to various causes. One such charitable Guardian is Tinkkz, a member of Team Resolute. I recently had a chance to speak with Tinkkz in an email exchange between recent charity streams on Twitch.

Like most Guardians who ultimately become more involved in coordinating charity streams, Tinkkz first exposure to such events was as an observer and then participant: “Watching the 2013/2014 Destiny community streams I became aware of gamers uniting for a cause. But it wasn’t until my clan’s (Resolute) 8 bit salute that I knew this was something I wanted to continue to help with in this community.”

There are so many worthy charities to support, it can be challenging to juggle which ones to throw your support behind. After being a part of a variety of events, Tinkkz became especially passionate for Extra Life, an organization that supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Tinkkz added, “Extra life has quickly become something I will continue to rave about. The more I learn about this organization the more passionate I get. I’m so stupidly happy that our community backs something so amazing, and I can’t wait until next year.”

In 2015, it’s a lot to ask for something as simple as someone’s time, let alone their money. But when it comes to the Destiny community, they aren’t just outspoken about fixes they’d like to see in the Crucible. I asked Tinkkz if she’s surprised by the generosity of the Destiny community: “Absolutely! I mean, you look at some of these Twitter faces and you don’t realize that behind that gamer posting screenshots of his K/D, nerding out over the new Star Wars movies, camping out in front of a GameStop for a release, maybe even crap talking an opponent, is a selfless, caring human being who opens his heart and wallet for something bigger than him. We are setting an example, and I love it.”

It’s hard to imagine someone with Tinkkz’ passion to slow down anytime soon, besides to sparingly eat and sleep. I concluded our time exchange by asking what’s on the horizon for this charitable Guardian: “Well October and beginning of November was crazy for me, personally. With the Aim Assist/Dames Breast Cancer Awareness stream, my podcast’s (Sweet Scoped’s) Down Syndrome awareness stream and the Destiny community’s Extra Life, which was an entire 42 hours! I am taking a break for a while, gotta catch up on life and sleep! But there’s seriously always something going on. If you are looking for a charity to support, help, donate to, etc. Ask around Twitter. There are so many kind people who need and want help with their events!”

I want to thank Tinkkz again for her time and insight on the charitable streams. If you’d like additional information on Extra Life, you can click on any of the links above or here.