DC Comics Gaining Ground With Film and Games

DC Comics Gaining Ground With Film and Games

December 5, 2014 1 By EVA

This past September, guest writer Paul Neary asked the following question, “Can Marvel Survive?” It was an interesting thought given the comic book company’s overwhelming success this past decade in films, gaming, and publishing alike. It also got me thinking of a similar question: “Is DC Comics (their main competitor) finally gaining some ground?” While I won’t dive into the comic book side of things here, I will say that DC does seem to have some momentum when it comes to film and gaming, particularly as the decade moves forward.

Look, it’s not as if DChas had some terrible run—nearly the opposite, actually. I mean, how can anyone not defend this company after Christopher Nolan’s brilliant Dark Knight film trilogy? Also, what about the equally amazing Arkham video games? OK, Batman Arkham Origins isn’t perfect—per the GCE review—but it was a definitely an above-average installment in what’s been a highly compelling series. Also, it may have been delayed until June 2015, but Arkham Knight is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games of the past few years.

In addition to Arkham Knight, DC also expanded (and improved) its gaming empire by teaming up with online platform InterCasino. The site goes beyond the more standard offerings from the company, too, though you will indeed find Batman and Superman titles highlighted in various ways. Still, just scroll through their available games and you’ll see Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, too, both of whom actually deserve their own console games! That, however, is a topic of discussion worthy of its own post (or, perhaps, series of posts).

All this good press aside, all you need to do is read the reviews of the previous Superman film, Man of Steel, to know where one of DC‘s biggest characters stands. According to score aggregator Metacritic, the film critics of the world weren’t too excited about the guy also known as Clark Kent: It has an overall rating of 55/100 thanks to a majority of the reviews being of the “mixed” variety. And if we look back a few more years, we find one of the absolute worst movies ever in Catwoman along with letdowns like Jonah Hex and Green Lantern.

The thing is, Marvel has had some sore spots, too, that’s for sure. One need only look to the poorly received (with good reason) Ghost Rider, Daredevil, and Elektra films for evidence. You could even make the argument that the Hulk franchise has been handled with equal disappointment. It’s not that 2008’s The Incredible Hulk was bad or anything remotely close to it, however, when you consider that the character has now been portrayed by three different actors in a decade’s time—Eric Bana, Edward Norton and now Mark Ruffalo—you can’t help but be frustrated with how Marvel‘s handled the green guy. With the success of the Avengers and the related movies, hopefully the Hulk will get the treatment he deserves.

That same notion goes for our blue cape-adorned DC hero, who may see things going his way with his next movie. While it’s not due out until March 2016, the anticipation is steadily growing for Batman v. Superman with every teaser photo that’s released. Not only that, but the movie serves as a jumping-off point for a number of in-the-works DC films for characters such as Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and others who will also appear in the first Justice League movie. That’s not all, though, as there are apparently 11 DC Comics films in total being produced. That’s obviously not counting the ones we don’t know about yet!

So what do you, the reader, think about all of this? Is it time that DC finally takes over and gets the upper-hand over Marvel?