Cosplay Feature: Post-Apocalyptic Powerpuff Girls vs. Rowdyruff Boys

Cosplay Feature: Post-Apocalyptic Powerpuff Girls vs. Rowdyruff Boys

February 13, 2015 0 By EVA

We all know what happened when Professor Utonium accidentally added Chemical X to his concoction, right? Well what happens a few years down the road when the world is plunged into a post-apocalyptic crisis? This epic cosplay photo set gives us a look into that alternate future. Sugar, spice, and anything but nice, these Powerpuff Girls are all grown up and ready to fight the forces of evil – including their villainous counterparts the Rowdyruff Boys. With their ultra-super powers, heavy firepower and gun-toting Professor by their side, they’re definitely geared up to save the world! *cue Powerpuff Girls theme*

Feast your eyes on the awesomeness below as Blossom (Mad Mel Madigan), Bubbles (Juliet Audrey Winchester) and Buttercup (Jenny Lorenzo) team up with Professor Utonium (Rage Custom Creations) to take on their opponents Brick (Heroically Fit), Boomer (Romeo Flynn Winchester), and Butch (Duy Truong Cosplay). With photography by Provoke Photography and edits by Jenny Lorenzo, Carlos Blanchard, and Duy Truong Photography.





PA Powerpuff Girls Cosplay





PA Rowdyruff Boys Cosplay

PA Powerpuff Girls Cosplay 2