Bundle Stars, Steam Easter Egg, Announce “The Conquest Bundle”

Bundle Stars, Steam Easter Egg, Announce “The Conquest Bundle”

April 23, 2014 0 By EVA

Have you, as I have, gotten into the habit of checking your Steam client from time to time for featured content that is currently marked-down? Like most people, I live on a fairly tight budget. That being the case, the mark-downs (which often are 75% or more) are sometimes simply irresistible. Steam is a clearinghouse for a huge variety of game titles. More games are constantly being added to the Steam Store, so I sometimes wonder if anybody even knows how many titles there are at any given time.

It’s funny then, and perhaps I need to blame to size of my library of games, but I have to admit that on the occasions when I find a few spare clams in my pocket I don’t always find something at my price-point that appeals to me. Problem solved: BundleStars.com to the rescue! As the name implies, you can get yourself bundles of software, but you can also buy individual titles as well, and at discounts of up to 80% off regular prices!

Recently, Bundle Stars added the “Conquest Bundle”to their line-up, a presentation featuring an array of 12 titles and 3 DLC packs for only $4.99, offering a savings of $110.00. (*Keep in mind that charges will be converted to GBP, at checkout you’re told something like, “Note: $3.99 is approximately £2.38”)

The folks at Bundle Stars portray their offering as, “an all-conquering bundle of Steam games at a crazy low price that’s hard to beat.” After taking a look, I can’t refute that at all… this isn’t a 12-pack of long-forgotten games from the 20th Century. Among the games included with the bundle you get to lose yourself in the stunning dark fantasy setting of King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame (released in January 2012). You can join a dwarven prince on a dangerous underground quest in A Game of Dwarves Gold Edition (released in October 2012). Or, perhaps you’d like to spend some time playing the roles of two distinct, antagonistic characters in the epic Western-themed FPS Call of Juarez (released in 2007).

For me, a part of the charm of Bundle Stars (aside from saving a little money for Jolt and Doritos) is that the bulk of the proceeds are going to indie studios and game publishers. What can I say, I like the big studios to have their feet kept to the fire by these underdogs!

Also included with the Conquest Bundle are; American Conquest (2003), Incoming Forces (2002) , Cossacks: European Wars (2001), Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars (2005), 99 Levels to Hell (February 2014, yes, basically a new release regularly valued at $4.99 all by itself), Xpand Rally Xtreme (2006), Ballpoint Universe – Infinite (December 2013), Hyper Fighters (2011) and Lucius (2012). Phew! I’m a bit breathless after that listing!

Bundle Stars makes the process painless and fairly easy. You are sent an email with 12 Steam Product Keys, but they keys are stored in your profile at Bundle Stars as well, so it’s a snap to find the keys. From there, just fire up your Steam client (free to download and use) and after redeeming your 12 bundle keys on Steam you can download all your games and start playing them right away. All the games run on Windows. Ballpoint Universe also works on Mac and Linux.

As an added bonus, each of the games in this bundle comes with it’s own activation code for Steam. How is that a plus? Unlike Steam bundles, which are all-or-nothing, the Conquest Bundle doesn’t force you to double-up licenses; meaning, if you already own one of the games in the bundle you can just pass the key for that game to a friend and keep the other keys for yourself (or give games from the set which don’t personally appeal to you over to a friend, as another option).

If you want some remarkable value for your money, and games of conquest appeal to you, you should grab The Conquest Bundle (for a limited time only), exclusively from Bundle Stars.

This article was written for publication on the GCE by Jack Draak