Battlefield 1 Official Trailer

Battlefield 1 Official Trailer

May 6, 2016 0 By Marc

DICE has given us something very, very interesting.

Not too long ago Call of Duty dropped a trailer for their newest game Infinite Warfare, and the trailer was very underwhelming due to the fact it was the same old garbage they have been feeding us for years. Today though we get something that was unexpected from the Battlefield franchise, we get a World War 1 first person shooter that looks bad ass. This trailer shows us trench warfare, tanks, biplanes, horses, mustard gas, and a good Seven Nation Army remix that fits very well into the trailer (unlike that bastard Bowie cover than was in CoD’s).

To be upfront I don’t like most Battlefield, Call of Duty style games due to the fact it has been done over so many times over the past decade. So much so that I wont even bother playing the demo’s or looking too much into them. But this is something I think i can get behind because it is new, no robot armor, no rehashes of the same old weapons and game play. DICE seems to have brought us something unique in a landscape where FPS games have grown stale and repetitive.

More to come on the game as we get it.