Batgirl Punches Through With Adam Warrock’s Purple And Yellow

Batgirl Punches Through With Adam Warrock’s Purple And Yellow

April 10, 2015 0 By EVA

Boom, pow, SMASH. Despite the brewing trouble with her Joker variant, Batgirl is pushing that behind her and kicking it up in style with Purple and Yellow, the latest release from hip hop artist Adam WarRock. Specializing in geeky, easter egg filled music Adam WarRock with his new release tackled the Batgirl of Burnside taking inspiration direct batgirl-36from the pages of the ongoing run which is currently being worked on by Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr. We’ve seen a fair share of Marvel related music from Warrock, (Marvelous, “The Captain, and Spirit Of Vengeance just to name a few) as well as some music inspired by independent comics (“The Quiet” and “Rat Queens“) so it only makes me even more ecstatic to see a DC related title.

The beat is beyond catchy and has me more than excited to have this one blasting in my car as I drive down the road with the windows down. The song is fun yet powerful as well as inspiring, exactly the type of character Batgirl has always been. As always, the references surrounding the music are astounding, as Warrock seems to work in almost every detail, from her time spent as the legendary Oracle to references of Barbara’s recent adventures in Burnside, all of which would please almost any Batgirl fan.

Purple and Yellow may illuminate fan-favorite Gotham heroine but there’s an underlying message underneath. It’s a message not only for the youth but for everyone that even through the darkest struggles there’s a chance at something so much greater, that one day we’ll find that exact place in which we belong, exactly what Barbara Gordon stood for especially during her time as Oracle and again when she took back her mantle as Batgirl. Kudos to WarRock for being able to evoke such a feeling.

There are some readers, including myself, that have doubted this new direction for Batgirl, yet this song may just help serve as the perfect reminder that this is a in fact a new era for Batgirl, one that ushers in a dynamic new direction which seeks to bring a sense of youthfulness and vibrance to a beloved female character.  This is exactly the kind of vibe portrayed throughout the song’s entirety.

You can find Adam WarRock on his Youtube channel or over at his website, as well as purchase some of his music on Bandcamp However Purple and Yellow is available free for download much like most of his music and can also be downloaded through his website!

One thing’s for sure, this is definitely a song Barbara Gordon would proudly have in her music library and is one you should have too!