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Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 10: “Hieronymo’s Mad Again”

by Mel Burkeon November 29, 2016
Before reading any further (or watching this episode) you’re gonna want a snuggle buddy because things are about to get creeeeeppppyyy. Oh, also, read my last Aftermath review and recap so you’re caught up. Aftermath Episode 10: Hieronymo’s Mad Again Recap Things get creepy right from the get go when The Copelands arrive in Idaho to […]

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 9: “The Barbarous King”

by Mel Burkeon November 22, 2016
The Copeland’s journey East begins this week, so if you’re not sure why they decided to point their compass that direction, then check out last week’s review and recap. Aftermath Episode 9: The Barbarous King Recap The family heads East and hints that they’ll be trekking through Idaho next after the radio announcer says it’s […]

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 8: “Here is No Water But Only Rock”

by Mel Burkeon November 15, 2016
You know the rules kids, if you’re not caught up, pop on back over to last week’s review and recap of Aftermath.  No one likes spoilers and I’d hate to be the rude person in the room who ruins all your fun. Aftermath Episode 8: Here is No Water But Only Rock Recap We pick […]

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 7: “What the Thunder Said”

by Mel Burkeon November 8, 2016
We’re all the way up to 7–COUNT EM 7–episodes of Aftermath from SyFy so go on back and get yourself caught up before you read ahead because, honey, there are about to be some spoilers. Episode 7: What the Thunder Said Recap While trying to escape the rumblings of Mount Rainier, the family’s RV breaks […]

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 6: “Madame Sosostris”

by Mel Burkeon November 1, 2016
Before diving into this doozy of an episode, make sure you check back to last week’s recap and review so you’re all caught up. Episode 6: Madame Sosostris Recap Leaving a viking funeral for Aunt Sally, Josh and Karen decide to split the party up for a day—Josh will go 25 miles east to a […]

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 5: “A Clatter and a Chatter”

by Mel Burkeon October 25, 2016
This week’s episode of Aftermath was just as packed as the last, so if you haven’t yet, pop on over to my Fever of the Bone review and get yourself caught up. RECAP: Episode 5: A Clatter and a Chatter Running from a group of Fever Heads in a tank, the Copelands abruptly run into […]

Aftermath Review: “Fever of the Bone,” in Which Aunt Sally Needs to Stop Touching Things

by Mel Burkeon October 18, 2016
Late last month, the SyFy Channel debuted Aftermath, an original series about what happens to one family at the end of the world. I talked with Taylor Hickson, who plays Brianna in the show, in case you missed that, and have since just totally been sucked in. The fourth episode aired tonight and OH MAN do […]
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Taylor Hickson: “Aftermath” and Dry Shampoo as Key to Apocalypse Survival

by Mel Burkeon September 26, 2016
Photo by Ryan Orange Photography In Aftermath, the latest post-apocalyptic supernatural series from the Syfy channel premiering September 27, Taylor Hickson plays “disaffected loner” Brianna. Brianna and her family must navigate the end of the world in addition to the supernatural beings that begin to appear. Hickson has enjoyed a budding career in several thriller and […]

14 Favorite Cosplay Shots from Salt Lake Comicon 2016

by Mel Burkeon September 6, 2016
Over the holiday weekend, geeks from all corners of Utah gathered in the capital for Salt Lake Comicon 2016, a three day extravaganza celebrating all things nerdy and wonderful. The con boasted big names like Mark Hamill and John Cena, a labyrinthian exhibitors’ floor, and, of course, some kick ass cosplayers.  Scroll through below for […]

3 Final Fantasy Games You Can Play For Free on Your Phone

by Mel Burkeon August 22, 2016
With Final Fantasy XV due for release in November and a lot of bated breath over the reboot for Final Fantasy VII, it’s safe to say I’ve been itching to get my FF fix. Unfortunately, I’m not always in front of my console. So what’s a geek to do? While Square Enix has released a lot […]