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Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 5: “A Clatter and a Chatter”

by Mel Burkeon October 25, 2016
This week’s episode of Aftermath was just as packed as the last, so if you haven’t yet, pop on over to my Fever of the Bone review and get yourself caught up. RECAP: Episode 5: A Clatter and a Chatter Running from a group of Fever Heads in a tank, the Copelands abruptly run into […]

Aftermath Review: “Fever of the Bone,” in Which Aunt Sally Needs to Stop Touching Things

by Mel Burkeon October 18, 2016
Late last month, the SyFy Channel debuted Aftermath, an original series about what happens to one family at the end of the world. I talked with Taylor Hickson, who plays Brianna in the show, in case you missed that, and have since just totally been sucked in. The fourth episode aired tonight and OH MAN do […]

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Taylor Hickson: “Aftermath” and Dry Shampoo as Key to Apocalypse Survival

by Mel Burkeon September 26, 2016
Photo by Ryan Orange Photography In Aftermath, the latest post-apocalyptic supernatural series from the Syfy channel premiering September 27, Taylor Hickson plays “disaffected loner” Brianna. Brianna and her family must navigate the end of the world in addition to the supernatural beings that begin to appear. Hickson has enjoyed a budding career in several thriller and […]

14 Favorite Cosplay Shots from Salt Lake Comicon 2016

by Mel Burkeon September 6, 2016
Over the holiday weekend, geeks from all corners of Utah gathered in the capital for Salt Lake Comicon 2016, a three day extravaganza celebrating all things nerdy and wonderful. The con boasted big names like Mark Hamill and John Cena, a labyrinthian exhibitors’ floor, and, of course, some kick ass cosplayers.  Scroll through below for […]

3 Final Fantasy Games You Can Play For Free on Your Phone

by Mel Burkeon August 22, 2016
With Final Fantasy XV due for release in November and a lot of bated breath over the reboot for Final Fantasy VII, it’s safe to say I’ve been itching to get my FF fix. Unfortunately, I’m not always in front of my console. So what’s a geek to do? While Square Enix has released a lot […]

REVIEW: The Impossible Has Happened

by Mel Burkeon August 1, 2016
As a long time Star Trek fan, I have somehow managed to get this far in life without reading any biographies from the show. So when contacted about Lance Parkin’s The Impossible Has Happened, due out from Quarto Publishing Group USA on August 2, I didn’t have any expectations except maybe I would learn a few things about the […]

FFVII: A N00b’s Hot Take

by Mel Burkeon July 11, 2016
With a new, stunning 5-game reboot bubbling under the surface of RPG gaming news, I decided that it was finally time to try out Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII). Having made it 25 years (so far) and never playing a Final Fantasy game, VII gets to be my first and, because it has the heavy mantle of […]

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1: Riri Williams Dons Suit

by Mel Burkeon July 7, 2016
Today Marvel announced the newest hero to take on the Iron Man suit–Riri Williams. Williams has already debuted in the title earlier this year and, in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN#1, readers will get to see Williams “reverse engineer” her own suit in order to do some hero-ing as a part of the current Civil War II arc. […]

Batman – The Telltale Series First Look

by Mel Burkeon June 12, 2016
Today, Telltale Games with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment unveiled the first look at Batman – The Telltale Series. The preview comes ahead of the episodic game’s summer debut and attendees at the E3 Gaming Expo this week will also get a special look at the latest available for fans of the hero Gotham needs. The […]

TWO GIRLS ONE TANK-Gross Title, Good Book

by Mel Burkeon May 18, 2016
Out today from Titan Comics is the newest installment in a lengthy line of Tank Girl titles–Two Girls One Tank–written by original series creator Alan Martin, with art and letters by Brett Parson. The new addition is brilliantly skuzzy, like all the best Tank Girl runs are, with the added bonus of knocking itself from time to […]