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Vitamin String Quartet: The World of Studio Ghibli is the Perfect Holiday Soundtrack

by Mel Burkeon November 20, 2017
Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is fast approaching which means two things: Black Friday madness and holiday music. Thankfully, Vitamin String Quartet’s most recent release “The World of Studio Ghibli” will help you handle both fronts with the confidence and grace that only a Miyazaki soundtrack can. Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) is most famous for […]

Comic Book Men Season 7 Episode 3: Happy Birthday King Kirby!

by Mel Burkeon November 20, 2017
“Without Jack ‘King’ Kirby, where are we today, man?” In this week’s Comic Book Men, the crew at Secret Stash looks at a few iconic Fantastic Four issues and throws a birthday party fit for a king–or his grandkids–in honor of Jack Kirby’s birthday. The merchandise brought in for sale this episode was kept strictly […]

Comic Book Men Season 7 Episode 2

by Mel Burkeon October 30, 2017
This week’s Comic Book Men opens immediately with a Stranger Things reference and launches right into the appropriate Halloweekend spoopy. The guys decide to update Dracula by turning him into a different animal than a bat and Bryan wins “Best Pick” this week again with the suggestion of a Shark. Shark vampires would be metal […]

Comic Book Men Season 7 Premiere

by Mel Burkeon October 23, 2017
In the season 7 premiere of AMC’s Comic Book Men, the gang discusses apocalypse survival methods and The Walking Dead comic just in time for its televised counterpart’s season premiere. For the uninitiated (like me), Comic Book Men is what happens when Kevin Smith, Mike Zapcic, Ming Chen, Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan chat through […]

REVIEW: Rise of the Dungeon Master from Nation Books

by Mel Burkeon May 8, 2017
Out tomorrow, May 9, 2017, from Nation Books is Rise of the Dungeon Master by David Kushner and Koren Shadmi. The graphic novel tells the origin story of Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), from basement operation to industry power house and it doesn’t shy away from any bumps in the road that Gary Gygax or Dave […]

REVIEW: 1984 in the 21st Century from Riverdale Avenue Books

by Mel Burkeon May 4, 2017
When I started journalism school, I felt completely and entirely out of place.  I came to Oregon, home to temperate rain forests and real-life Portlandia, from a world of high desert mesas and Mormons. I was sometimes one of maybe two or three other students in a hundred person lecture without a MacBook. I didn’t […]

Aftermath Finale Sneak Peak

by Mel Burkeon December 19, 2016
The Copeland’s wild ride into the apocalypse reaches its zenith tomorrow night in the Aftermath Season Finale. Catch a sneak peak here before we dive into saying our goodbyes.   Get caught up with either past reviews and recaps or you can watch full episodes of Aftermath online.

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 10: “Hieronymo’s Mad Again”

by Mel Burkeon November 29, 2016
Before reading any further (or watching this episode) you’re gonna want a snuggle buddy because things are about to get creeeeeppppyyy. Oh, also, read my last Aftermath review and recap so you’re caught up. Aftermath Episode 10: Hieronymo’s Mad Again Recap Things get creepy right from the get go when The Copelands arrive in Idaho to […]

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 9: “The Barbarous King”

by Mel Burkeon November 22, 2016
The Copeland’s journey East begins this week, so if you’re not sure why they decided to point their compass that direction, then check out last week’s review and recap. Aftermath Episode 9: The Barbarous King Recap The family heads East and hints that they’ll be trekking through Idaho next after the radio announcer says it’s […]

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 8: “Here is No Water But Only Rock”

by Mel Burkeon November 15, 2016
You know the rules kids, if you’re not caught up, pop on back over to last week’s review and recap of Aftermath.  No one likes spoilers and I’d hate to be the rude person in the room who ruins all your fun. Aftermath Episode 8: Here is No Water But Only Rock Recap We pick […]