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Orphan Black Season 4 Finale: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths

by Jordan Wilhelmon June 19, 2016
This season has been a wild roller coaster ride revealing the foundation of Neolution and it’s role of clones throughout the entire series of Orphan Black. This season finale did not disappoint in wrapping up the current chapter of the series and left room for a fifth and (likely) final season. This being based on […]

Orphan Black Season 4: Episode 8 The Redesign of Natural Objects Review

by Jordan Wilhelmon June 5, 2016
This week’s episode picks up on last week’s cliffhanger where we see Donnie taken away into police custody and Detective Duko alone with Alison. This week’s tone was set right at the start of the first scene with Donnie in prison. It starts with the typical Donnie tough guy act, but that quickly disappears when […]


Orphan Black Season 4: Episode 6 The Scandal of Altruism Review

by Jordan Wilhelmon May 20, 2016
This week’s episode has brought us a mix of everything we’ve seen this season into what feels like a conclusion to the story only 6 episodes into the season. The first season opens with a Beth flashback, where the story picks up detailing the last few hours before her death. We can see Beth knows […]

Orphan Black Season 4: Episode 4 From Instinct to Rational Control Review

by Jordan Wilhelmon May 7, 2016
This week’s episode of Orphan Black was a little underwhelming compared to the episodes past thus far. Overall the atmosphere was depressing and the climax felt underwhelming. The episode starts with MK getting ready for her day, mixed with her wiring up some C4. The scene gives us insight of how her daily life consists […]


Orphan Black Season 4: Episode 3 The Stigmata of Progress Review

by Jordan Wilhelmon May 2, 2016
This week’s episode brings us the thrill of Sarah trying to get the cheek worm removed from her face, the drama of Rachel’s past and captivity situation, and more evidence to support Kira is not just an ordinary child. Starting with Kira, at the start of the season the writers made it sound like Kira […]

Top 5 Couch Co-op Games on The Playstation Store

by Jordan Wilhelmon April 18, 2016
Are you looking for a new game to play from the PlayStation Store but aren’t sure what to choose? Are you craving some co-op action? We counted down our five favorite couch co-op games you can find on the PlayStation Store and even included an honorable mention. 5. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris […]


Orphan Black Season 4: Episode 1 – The Collapse of Nature Review

by Jordan Wilhelmon April 16, 2016
Before we begin our review of Season 4, let’s do a quick recap of where we left off in Season 3. But where to even begin…from the very last scene Cal and Kira were being reunited with Sarah and Mrs S, who also brought Kendall Malone. Kendall, as we know is Mrs S mother and […]

Cosplay Spotlight: Brandon Gilbert

by Jordan Wilhelmon April 11, 2016
If you’ve been to a comic convention recently you’ll have noticed the increased presence of characters from the Spiderman Universe. Through several movie franchises, comic book series and video games Spiderman has seen his fair share of unique costumes and these conventions have become home to bringing these creations to life. Brandon Gilbert is a […]