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Into the Badlands Review: Sunny Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane in “Blind Cannibal Assassins”

by Jeff Fountainon May 14, 2018
With a title like “Blind Cannibal Assassins”, I was very excited about the possibilities of this episode. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint, with some phenomenal action scenes, a face-off between Pilgrim and The Widow and yet another reminder of how being a clipper always comes back to haunt your ass. Sunny and Bajie get captured by […]

Fear the Walking Dead Review: Honor and Romance in “Laura”

by Jeff Fountainon May 14, 2018
*SPOILERS AHEAD* Character building episodes are always a necessary tool to get fans interested in characters. However, for whatever reason or reasons, it doesn’t always work. In “Laura”, Fear the Walking Dead not only made you sit up and take notice of two great actors and characters but actually gave a zombie show a romance […]


Into the Badlands Review: Battle Lines are Drawn in “Leopard Snares Rabbit”

by Jeff Fountainon May 7, 2018
After a nice episode of character building last week, we get right back to the action this week in “Leopard Snares Rabbit”. There are solid moments of revelations, both good and bad, that mixed in with some of the now usual wonderfully well done and over the top fight scenes, made for a solid and […]

Fear the Walking Dead Review: Sadness and Turmoil in “Buried”

by Jeff Fountainon May 7, 2018
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* I was fully expecting a lull of sorts this week after the big death from last week. In defense of any show experiencing this, just how do you get right back on the horse after such an emotional and shocking moment? Well, Fear the Walking Dead had the solution, rolling out an […]

Interview: Adrienne Barbeau

by Jeff Fountainon May 4, 2018
With almost one hundred and forty acting credits to her name, Adrienne Barbeau has been a part of many movies that have become cult classics. Recognized around the world for roles in The Fog, Escape from New York, Swamp Thing and the television show Maude, Adrienne is still going strong with seven movies coming out […]

Exclusive Clip From Into the Badlands: “Leopard Snares Rabbit”

by Jeff Fountainon May 3, 2018
Check out our exclusive clip for AMC’s Into the Badlands, “Leopard Snares Rabbit”, premiering on Sunday, May 6 at 10/9C.


Review: The Terror Delivers a Disturbing and Haunting Episode in “A Mercy”

by Jeff Fountainon May 2, 2018
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* My biggest concern for The Terror has always been how they could possibly manage to keep up the high levels of fear, terror, and dread that has been building each and every episode. To this end, “A Mercy” seemed to highlight those fears, as it began with a rather slow and plodding […]

Review: Into the Badlands Greases the Wheel in ‘Moon Rises, Raven Seeks’

by Jeff Fountainon May 1, 2018
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD*   After a great season premiere, Into the Badlands took a deep breath, built up some storylines and moved characters around its massive bloody chessboard of a show. What emerged might not have as high energy, high octane as the first episode but there were a lot of important moments and some […]


Review: Fear the Walking Dead is Shocking and Tragic in ‘Good Out Here’

by Jeff Fountainon April 30, 2018
*SPOILERS AHEAD*   Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Nick is dead, killed off with no warning at all and while it was done well I wonder if this will end up doing more harm than good down the line. Killing off a major character is gutsy but risky, something I didn’t see Fear the Walking […]

Interview: Jeff Cooperman and Mike Mezaros Talk James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction

by Jeff Fountainon April 30, 2018
Recently we had a chance to talk with Jeff Cooperman, showrunner and co-executive producer and Mike Mezaros, co-executive producer, about their involvement in the new mini-series AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction and what sci-fi means to them on a personal level. So how did you both get to the positions you are […]