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Harry Potter Live in Concert Revives the Magic of Hogwarts

by Alanna Smithon June 29, 2017
This week Harry Potter celebrated its 20th anniversary, and what better way to commemorate the milestone than with a live orchestra performance of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. If you’re a hardcore Harry Potter fan, then you’ve probably seen the movies several times by now – we’ve seen them in theatres, we bought the DVDs, we marathoned them […]

Syfy Launches ‘Cosplay Melee’ Hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown

by Alanna Smithon February 16, 2017
Syfy is giving a new cosplay show a chance with the announcement of Cosplay Melee, a cosplay competition series hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown. Premiering March 21, four competitors will compete each week for the chance to win a $10,000 cash prize. The series features renowned cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp and A-list costume creator Christian Beckman among […]

New Black Panther Concept Art Reveals Wakanda

by Alanna Smithon February 14, 2017
True to form, Marvel is the gift that keeps on giving. Today’s home video release of Dr. Strange features a Phase 3 sneak peak that brought with it brand new concept art from the upcoming Black Panther film, which arrives in almost exactly a year (wait, what? I’m not ready!). Although we don’t get a […]

Top Ten Movie Trailers of 2016

by Alanna Smithon January 1, 2017
Whether you love or hate the movie, the trailer is what gets you to the theater. There’s an art to trailer editing that sometimes goes unappreciated, a delicate balance in choosing key shots and moments that will entice viewers while also making sure not to give too much away. This year has definitely boasted some […]

Hoth-like Weather Hits Rogue One Night – Canadians Refuse to Surrender

by Alanna Smithon December 15, 2016
The weather outside is frightful but the lure of a new Star Wars film is too delightful too resist. Despite the plunging temperature, painfully freezing wind chill and whiteout snow conditions here in Ontario, Star Wars fans are embracing the rebellious spirit and fighting through the Hoth-like weather to make it to the Rogue One opening […]

Lucio Meets His Fellow Overwatch Heroes

by Alanna Smithon November 8, 2016
BlizzCon 2016 may have come to a close but the fun didn’t end for the voice actors of Overwatch. You may have seen videos of Darin De Paul (aka Reinhardt) having way too much fun voicing his character around the convention this weekend, but this time it’s the audio medic getting in on the action. Jonny Cruz, the […]

Overwatch Track Made Entirely from In-Game Sounds

by Alanna Smithon June 24, 2016
Can’t get enough of Overwatch? Well good news, because the fan creations just keep coming – this time in the form of a musical mash-up made entirely from in-game audio. YouTuber HaveLuckGoodFun took all the cool sound effects, voice clips and tracks from Overwatch and mixed them to make one seriously awesome jam called “Sounds Like […]

Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin Dies at Age 27

by Alanna Smithon June 19, 2016
Early this morning actor Anton Yelchin, age 27, was found dead in his driveway after being hit by his own car. According to reports, Yelchin’s body was found at 1am by a friend who had been concerned after Yelchin did not show for a rehearsal several hours before. He was discovered pinned between his car […]

Overwatch Team Makes Little Fan’s Character a Reality

by Alanna Smithon June 16, 2016
Blizzard Entertainment‘s new game Overwatch has taken over the gaming world. And the geek world. And… well the Internet in general. The multiplayer shooter boasts 21 diverse playable characters each with their own special skills. The game has inspired all kinds of fan art, including a little masterpiece by young fan Ava Hickey. Ava decided to create […]

15 Fantastic Legend of Zelda Cosplays

by Alanna Smithon June 14, 2016
E3 is already off to a great start with several exciting announcements, including Nintendo‘s new instalment to the Zelda saga – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. To celebrate, we thought we’d share some of the finest cosplays Hyrule has to offer. We’ve seen incredible cosplay photos in the past as part of The Zelda Project, and the […]