AMC Developing New Orphan Black Series

AMC Developing New Orphan Black Series

March 13, 2019 0 By Jeff Fountain

Orphan Black is set to return…sort of.

AMC is preparing to bring back the popular series Orphan Black but not as a reboot or spinoff of the original series. While specific details have not been released, the producers of the show do know they are set to build an original story set in the universe of the old series. For fans of the original series, this means don’t expect to see any familiar faces.

Orphan Black had a five-season run from 2013-2017 with the incredibly talented Tatiana Maslany taking on multiple roles as clones with very different personalities. These clones set off on a mission to discover why they were created, which leads to uncovering many conspiracies and being targeted by a dangerous and powerful religious cult.

Producers are reportedly in search of a writer and are interested in hearing pitches on story ideas in terms of how to expand the existing canon from the original series.