3 Final Fantasy Games You Can Play For Free on Your Phone

3 Final Fantasy Games You Can Play For Free on Your Phone

August 22, 2016 0 By Mel Burke

With Final Fantasy XV due for release in November and a lot of bated breath over the reboot for Final Fantasy VII, it’s safe to say I’ve been itching to get my FF fix. Unfortunately, I’m not always in front of my console. So what’s a geek to do? While Square Enix has released a lot of the original Final Fantasy games for mobile devices, they tend to cost well upwards of my 99 cent app purchase threshold. But have no fear! Here are three Final Fantasy games you can play FOR FREE! on your phone.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper


You have probably played this one but I’m going to talk about it anyway. Record Keeper essentially takes battle sequences from all the FF games and has you play through them in order to regain records and memories from key characters. Record Keeper has the benefit of playing into hardcore franchise nostalgia (most of the gameplay is 8-bit) while still producing a stand alone storyline and decent gameplay. It’s definitely a fun timewaster even if it’s not the most challenging puzzle game on the market.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


No, those are not roman numerals after the title (WHHHAA?). This FF spinoff is a collaboration between Alim and Square Enix so the story and gameplay pulls influence from FF titles as well as Alim’s game Brave Frontier. FFBE plays almost exactly like an 8-bit rpg, with cut scene sequences done in 2D animation. The lead characters are a little high-falutin’ for my usual hero preferences, and the story starts off with a LOT of conversational exposition, but once you get going FFBE is a solid freemium RPG.


Final Fantasy Mobius


This is easily the most produced game of the three, with PS2 level graphics and actual voice acting, but it definitely hits peak Final Fantasy outfit ridiculousness. My fiancé described it as “the Bro version of Final Fantasy” because everyone is muscled, oiled, and wearing something backless in every outfit iteration–and it’s all dudes in the beginning. So far as gameplay, Mobius is basically a super condensed mobile RPG. You tap through the super sparkly tutorial, fight a series of baddies, and start working your way through the map in order to beat out your competitors and prove you’re the prophesized hero. There’s even side quests! Which your incredibly armored buddy will push you toward doing because it makes you stand out as more of a hero than your scantily clad adventure bros.



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